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Laurentides Experts-Conseils

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Why we like working at Laurentides Experts-Conseils

"It's the certainty of having made a difference within the company over the last seven years that makes me love my job the most. They trusted me and believed in me. I'm lucky enough to work with people I admire, and I consider this company my second family. I feel appreciated, supported and recognized. It's also part of my job to support employees, because we help each other."

Hélène Gauthier, administrative assistant


"I'm interested in many subjects and I'm self-taught. So I needed a job where the tasks are varied and the challenges constant! For several years, I had been looking for a workplace where I would feel at ease. At Laurexco, I'm lucky enough to be able to work on a variety of projects and always learn something new! I've only been here a short time, but I see it as an opportunity to develop to the best of my ability! "

Charlène Fortin, executive assistant


"I feel at home at Laurexco. I'm allowed to carry out projects that match my ambitions. The balance between professional and private life is at the heart of my daily happiness and success."

Jean-Louis Laroche, project engineer

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